Fisheries Data Collection Framework – Poland

Welcome to Polish fisheries data collection web site.


The purpose of this website is to serve as a platform for information on the Polish implementation of the EU Fisheries Data Collection Programme under the Data Collection Framework (DCF).

The operations of the collection, management and use of data for the purpose of scientific analysis and implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy is implemented uder the Operational Programme “Fisheries and Sea” for the Union priority 3, objective 3.2 – Data Collection

Purpose: the improvement and supply of scientific knowledge as well as the improvement of the collection and management of data.

The planned outcome of the operation is the collection and storage of biological, economic and ecosystem data from commercial fisheries, research surveys as well as the coordination of research for the description and evaluation of the fishing sector.


Operation value in the period 2014-2020 : 9’292’889 EUR
Contribution of  European Maritime and Fisheries Fund: 7’434’300 EUR